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Our firm offers comprehensive services in various and diverse areas of Polish and European law. We prepare legal memoranda, furnish problem-specific advice, conduct negotiations and organize arbitrage, draft legal documentation such as contracts, lawsuits and court petitions. In addition we are highly successful in representing client in judicial and administrative proceedings. Our lawyers are also efficient in executing court orders and dealing with legal aspects of debt collection.

Firm's clients are both individuals and businesses, and include also local governments, public institutions, associations, foundations and social organizations.

The scope of our activities is broad and is primarily centered on on the following areas of law:


  • In-house services
  • Economic law
  • Labor law
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Family law        
  • Company law
  • Execution of court orders
  • Compensation
  • Consumer law
  • Internet sale
  • Real estate
  • Criminal law
  • Litigation, mediation and negotiation.
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